British summertime

It seems our great British summer has decided to launch – directly in line with the first day of summer holidays for most of England’s schools! There are some very happy children – and teachers – out there this year!

It was beautiful out this morning, enough so that I decided to supplement my usual outfit shot with an outdoor take, at the church around the corner. I have now discovered that the wall is the perfect height to take pictures of me in the doorway – so expect more of the same in the days to come!

As you can see, I have truly embraced the curls. A bit of experimentation has allowed me to find a way to put the elastic in with minimum exposure, and which Dapper assures me looks very 30s. I tried to take you a picture, but, well, the hair aspect ended up chopped off:

Still I love the picture, so am sharing it anyway! (You’ll see the hair in detail when I pop up the weekend’s pics over the next few days!)


2 thoughts on “British summertime

    • It’s not 100% hidden, but I basically wore it like an alice band, and wrapped my hair from higher on my head. I slept on it on the Thursday night and it was still in place and tody enough to wear out all day on Friday, which gave the curls extra hold. I had hairsprayed it to death though! xx

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