Saturday chores

Saturday was one of those really productive days with little to report back. We were up at a decent hour as the sew make believe admin team were at ours by ten, for a pre-AGM admin meeting. We had an excellent couple of hours and got some things in place that will hopefully keep things running pretty smoothly until January!

After the meeting, Dapper and I nipped down the lanes to Knowle to do our usual Saturday shop, before picking up his Nan for a cup of tea. We got to talking, looking at shoes and dresses, sharing recipes, and, on my part, listening to stories about Cadburys in the 30s and 40s, and life onboard the cruise ships, and before we knew it, it was 7pm! Then, of course, we had to take Nan home again, and she had to show me her wardrobes full of AMAZING clothes, photos of Dapper through the years, and her sewing room… We finally got home just shy of 9 at night. Oops!

On Sunday we finally managed our return trip to Ludlow for the castle… But that’s another story for another day!


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