Historic hotspots: Ludlow Castle

Yup, last Sunday we finally managed our return trip to Ludlow Castle! We had checked that it was, in fact, open this time, and organised to meet friends outside the castle gates at noon. We were lucky with the weather, and therefore able to enjoy the castle and grounds bathed in peak afternoon sunshine!

It’s a fantastic castle displaying a wide range of improvements through Norman, Gothic and Tudor eras. The Norman tower within the Inner Bailey stands out as one example of such, and is believed to have been built by Hugh de Lacey.

The Princes in the Tower

The story of the murder of the two young princes in the Tower of London is well known, but before they met their untimely and mysterious deaths, Prince Edward and his younger brother Richard had spent most of their childhood years at Ludlow Castle. Prince Edward was at Ludlow when he received the news of his father’s death and he acceeded to the title of Edward 1V. However, he was never crowned, for when he and his brother arrived in London, they were immediately imprisoned in the Tower and soon after murdered. Their uncle, Richard, then became King Richard 111, and although his guilt has never been proven, posterity has settled the blame for their deaths on Richard’s shoulders.


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