Wishlist: Looking forward…

…to autumn! I know, the summer hasn’t even actually hit us properly yet, but a girl’s gotta sort her wardrobe out ahead of time!

Red rib & cable dress, £34, Dorothy Perkins

I can see a lot of red featuring in my wardrobe this autumn. I love red, and always garner compliments when I wear it. And knowing how much wear I still get from the two Dotty P’s jumper dresses I bought last autumn, I think another can only be considered an investment!

I’ve yet to spot a pair of boots I like as much as either the Duo OTKs or the Moda in Peles I saw last year – but it is early days yet! Still, these shoes have to go on the wishlist.

Red patent trim bar shoes, £32, Dorothy Perkins

I know – yet more red shoes for my collection, but I don’t have any in this particular tone of red…

Teal bow platform shoes, £38, Dorothy Perkins

These look like a tricky shade to wear, but I actually have a lot of teal with which they would match. And lookit – there are bows!

Topshop Heritage dress coat, £255 via ebay

And finally, what autumn wishlist would be complete without a coat? This autumn I’d like something in navy to compliment my “one for every colour of the rainbow” approach to coat buying… But I wouldn’t say no to this Topshop Heritage charcoal number along the way!


One thought on “Wishlist: Looking forward…

  1. This week I have been considering my AW wardrobe too. I thought I was getting ahead of myself, being as it’s JULY, and all that. I’m glad you’re doing it too though, I don’t feel so odd now! X

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