Wishlist: a day for day-dreaming shoes

Oh dear. I knew as soon as I saw the homepage that the Sarenzo website was going to be bad for me. I didn’t realise how bad until I stumbled into the boutique

Francoise-la-Francaise by Annabel Winship, £163.20

My problem with glittery shoes is always tactile – the temptation to create the effect by dusting glue-coated shoes in glitter is too pre-school for my tastes. But these – these are subtley glittered – more metallic in fact. Emma Pilsbury would wear these!

Gwyneth by Annabel Winship, £217.60

What beauty! These vintage – nay, antique – inspired boots look almost Victorian, but are colourful enough to have a modern edge. There are so many looks I could work these with – so many outfits they would complete… Must… Resist…

Monroe by Missoni, £395.80

Yes, I know, we’re getting into the realms of silly money now – but the price tag doesn’t make these shoe-boots any less stunning. They have an air of luxury and opulence that makes me think of 18th century courtiers, powdered wigs, and that paradigm of fashion, the Duchess of Devonshire. If I won the lottery tomorrow I’d treat myself, no questions asked!

Celia by Chie Mihara, £188.70

And finally, perhaps a little more down to earth (but still well beyond my budget) I would get so much wear out of these lovelies! Not too high, with a sturdy heel and covered toe, a practical material – yet Oh So Pretty! A winning combination, n’est-ce pas?


5 thoughts on “Wishlist: a day for day-dreaming shoes

  1. Thanks for the blog post Caroline. It’s always really nice to hear when people are fans of Sarenza. My favourite brand on the site is actually Annabel Winship! If you think the Boutique page is a dangerous place to be, then you should try working here. I am sat next to a pile of new Annabel Winship shoes from the new collection and can’t take them home with me!

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