A winning combination

Yes, I know, notable for my absence… But it isn’t my fault. I just had a two-wedding weekend! Plus, a day trip to Oxford to visit the Ashmolean, and an “as we’re passing” trip to Wightwick Manor too – it’s been a busy few days!

But, you’ll have to wait for details and outfit shots from all these trips and weddings as right now I’m in overdrive, preparing for my summer holiday. That’s right, folks, it’s that time again when we pack up our belongings into suitcases and hit the road in search of sunshine in… Scotland. Ok, so perhaps sunshine is pushing things a bit far, but we’re hoping for some dry days at least, and I have packed a couple of sundresses alongside my waterproofs!

So, what’s what over here? Well, as I said. I’ve been away enjoying myself at weddings the last few days. I’m also trying desperately to get the next two weeks’ worth of work into the next two days, as well as sorting washing and last minute holiday prep. Oh, and I’ve been busy winning things again!

Yup, my luck is holding at present! Having raved about Homes and Antiques last month it will hardly surprise to hear that I signed up for a subscription. Specifically, I signed up for the 5 issues for £5 subscription that the lovely Zoë emailed through to me. I was quite excited when the September issue landed in my mailbox over the weekend, but I didn’t have chance to start reading until Sunday afternoon, when I turned to the letters page and began to skim.

Imagine how my excitement increased when I spotted my name on the page…

Directly under the brief email I had shot off to the editor, telling her how impressed I was with the vintage issue…

Emblazoned with the “star letter” icon, informing me that I had won £100 worth of vouchers to spend with Lapada, The Association of Arts and Antique Dealers!

I’m seriously going to have to rethink my “I never win anything” mantra!


4 thoughts on “A winning combination

  1. Well done on your Star Letter, I was so pleased for you when I saw it, I nearly sent you a message but didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

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