Wedding 2: The Mill at Worston

The second wedding of the wedding weekend extravaganza was an absolute delight. Nick & Yvonne’s wedding was fun, relaxed, enjoyable and joyful – everything a wedding should be! It was held at The Mill at Worston, and we had booked a room at The Kings Arm’s in nearby Eccleshall (which turned out to be a decent B&B, if you’re ever in the area!). The ceremony was intimate and beautiful,Β the meal was very tasty (and a riot, at least on our naughty table in the corner…) and the ceilidh was enormous fun, as ceilidhs generally are! Dapper and I jigged, reeled and polka-ed until I actually thought I might throw up my buffett tea – turns out jigging on a full stomach is not to be advised!

The bride looked absolutely gorgeous is a very Victorian-looking red corseted dress with applique embroidery detailing. The bridesmaids were stunning in green satin, and the groom and groomsmen looked dashing in their kilts!


8 thoughts on “Wedding 2: The Mill at Worston

  1. I meant to say ages ago – I know The Mill at Worston, been there a few times! Lovely venue. I love the wedding gown – the detailing is just stunning. You though, my dear, are glowing. That dress just looks such a treat on you πŸ™‚ xxx

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