Back in the office after a fortnight’s break always
needs a bit of colour to brighten the mood!

Dress: Primark via charity shop; belt: Topshop; shoes: Primark; cardigan: Dotty P’s

You have been so very pateint with me of late, with my odd absences and dead airtime. But if you’ll just hang on in there a little longer, I have at least a fortnight of fantastic photos to share with you, I promise!

I spent most of the previous fortnight north of the border in beautiful, historic Scotland. And when it came to uploading my holiday photos last night I realised I might have gone a little overboard, and perhaps did not need all 800…

So, the arduous task of editing the holiday snaps commenced, and by 10pm I’d only 520 left to go… You may look forward to photos including:

And yes, we did cram quite a lot into our 12 days away…


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