Blame it on the weatherman

Over the weekend I really noticed a drop in the temperature. As you can see from the pics, my transitional mac enjoyed an outing or two, but frankly didn’t cut the mustard – or the chill – to a sufficient degree.

I wore my winter coat today, and was cold even so. I’m not saying the air conditioning on the train isn’t at least in part to blame, but I still resent feeling the chill whilst awaiting my bus as early as August. Particularly when wearing a wool coat.

We had a lovely relaxed weekend, which included excellent food with friends, watching Lord of the Rings and comparing the scenery to our holiday, and a 10 mile hike around the Warwickshire countryside. A hike which involved some very inquisitive and over-friendly cows…

After our longer walks in Scotland I often found that I was stiff, but in an all over, tired and achey kind of way. I don’t know whether it was the combination of repetitive terrain (fewer inclines, less scrambling up 70% hillsides or shale waterfall paths!) or the higher percentage of road walking (the shock of tarmac over turf) but by Monday morning I could barely walk, my hips were so sore! Even on Sunday afternoon/evening, I was struggling to lower myself into seats or navigate furniture with any semblance of elegance! Which is never ideal when you’re at someone else’s house!

In other news, I have something to share with you all, which is my imminent move into Dapper’s wee hoose. This has been in the pipeline for some time, but with an extension in progress essentially to hold my dresses, shoes and books, it seems silly to keep it quiet any longer. I’ll likely be in residence come early November, so expect a change in routine over the coming months!


21 thoughts on “Blame it on the weatherman

    • Thank you, lovely A! And I promise to reply to your last letter sometime very soon – just don’t know where the last couple of months have disappeared to! Cx

  1. The cold weather is rubbish – I just had to put on a hoodie and (shock horror) socks!! I am useless at remembering to put anything warm on my feet and I only think of it once they are ice-cold and / or I have cramp!

    That other thing you mentioned? About the moving in? AWESOMEBALLS.

    • I know – as I blogged this last night I was sitting on the sofa with a big sweater over my knitted dress, socks and fluffy slippers, and a blanket over my knees!

      However, my feet are always so cold, that they’re the first thing I cover up. I sleep in socks on all but the hottest of summer nights, and usually have at least two pairs on, often over tights, in winter.


  2. It is chilly, isn’t it?! Mind you, as much as I love the summer I also love the crisp autumn weather – it stirs up all sorts of excitement in me.

    Sincere congratulations to you and Dapper too! I’m excited to think of all the house-moving crafting you’ll be able to do, and of course it’s nice to have someone warm to share the cold nights with! x

    • I have had a shelf in the cupboard cleared for my craft stuff, plus the space under the bed – so yes, crafting is high on the list!

      And I do love autumn – I just hate being cold!! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. That’s fab news! And he’s building an extension for you and your clothes? That’s like Carrie’s new closet in the SATC movie, but better! Love it! I’ll have to come visit you in your new abode and inspect it.

    Love the outfit up there – the red mac is aces and the DP cardi goes perfectly with that dress. I thought the roses were more pinky when you bought it.

    Also, I thought it was just me wanting to wear my winter coat in the mornings. I’m so glad you’ve gone ahead and done it, I don’t feel so odd now. I’ll be busting out my 3/4 length sleeve one tomorrow if I’m still chilly.

    • I know – a wee room just for me! I feel very special!

      I think the roses are pinkier when paired with a different colour, but this fuscia dress brings out the darker tones. The dress and mac are both really a deep fuscia pink and not particularly red at all!

      Oh goodness – wear your coat! I’d much rather be warm than worry about being seasonal – but then, it has been rather chilly out at 6am this week!


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