Castle Campbell

On our penultimate day in Stirling we were absolutely exhausted. The day before had been spent in torrential rain which had entirely failed to dampen our 10 mile hike along the Braes of Ben Ledi. For all that we had thoroughly enjoyed the admittedly sodden walk, it had left our energy levels somewhat depleted, so a gentle day out castle bagging seemed the best option.

Castle Campbell, or Gloume (or sometimes Gloom) Castle as it was previously known, is really a glorified hunting lodge. It is notable as one of Scotland’s best-preserved tower castles, for its position, nestled in a gulch between the Burn of Care and the Burn of Sorrow, and for the renovation work being done to restore elements of its former glory.

The castle is in ruins, but has some very friendly inhabitants in the shape of the beautiful swallows who nest in the spiral staircases.

High on the hills, looking down on Dollar, the castle commands beautiful views, both from the top of the tower and the gardens.

Overall, Castle Campbell is a lovely castle, and well worth a visit!


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