And so it begins…

It must be autumn – the coat wishlist begins…

Boleyn Coat, £149.99 from Fever

I don’t think this would be the most flattering of coats for many figures – the leg-o-mutton sleeves need to be balanced out with a nipped in waist and fuller skirt for maximum impact, rather than the gently sloping A-line seen here… Yet, I can’t help but admire the bravery such a statement silhouette evokes. And you know I’m going to be trying this on, should I ever stumble across it in the flesh…

Darling Gwen Coat, £95, Darling

I’m not certain whether to call this one a coat or a dress, but I do know that I love it. It’s the pleats that really do the job for me – I adore a good pleat. And I love it even more in claret, or “boozy berry” as this season would have us believe. Speaking of which…

Darling Lace Collar Wool Princess coat, £90,

I fear this might prove a little on the short side, as coats often do, but I can’t resist a pretty collar. And there’s something beautiful about such simple, big buttons, I’m sure you’ll agree. Divine!


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