The winds may blow…

Dress: George; cardi: New Look; shoes: M&S; belt: Dotty P’s

It occurred to me, as I stepped out of the office lobby at lunchtime, that today may not have been the kind of day suited to a full skirted dress worn under a full-skirted coat. My walk to and from the shops confirmed my suspicions, as again and again I found myself grabbing for my hemline in an attempt not to flash at the good folk of Cowley. Somehow, I made it back to the office with my dignity in tact.

Here in the UK we are catching the tail end of Hurricane Katia, although as far south as Oxford it is really less “hurricane” and more “stiff breeze”. It has lifted the conkers off the trees, true enough, but no trees are uprooted as yet. Even the leaves are, for the most part, standing their ground!

I’m on a budget this month, following the excesses of last month’s holiday, and combined with the desire to empty my cupboards before I move, this has led to some very inventive cookery. Jars of red peppers are suddenly finding themselves blitzed up in lentil soup. Thai tuna and chick pea curry is enjoying a revival as a dinnertime favourite. And last night, an experimental 20 minutes resulted in a frankly deliciously pungent pasta sauce, which will be stinking out my office on at least three lunchtime occasions this week!

In the fridge I had a small block of Oxford Blue, stinky cheese leftover from our trip, funnily enough, to Oxford. It had hardened a little, and was therefore ideal for grating, which I duly did. To the cheese I added a punnet of chilli and garlic mixed olives from my Graze box, finely chopped, and a couple of ripe red tomatoes, torn into small pieces (you could chop them, I just prefer to tear tomatoes for the texture in this sort of sauce). I added olive oil to the desired consistency, and seasoning to taste – a little salt, a LOT of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. And then I stirred it through my cooked and cooled penne.

And I highly recommend it! It is, I admit, overpowering in many ways, but if you like strongly flavoured cheese it’s the ideal alternative to pesto or mayonaisse for your packed pasta lunch. All it lacked was a few basil leaves, which might have added a slightly sweeter balance to the salty tangy… But otherwise, thumbs up!


One thought on “The winds may blow…

  1. I love that shade of green. You look absolutely lovely, as always!

    I’m on a bit of a budget, too, as we prepare to enter the holiday season. Mr. CP and I have my birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas in the next three months, so we’ve been trying to make what we have handy work in our favor. There’s something to be said for doing that. It forces you to get a bit more creative than you otherwise might. =)

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