Done a runner…

Hi everyone! Remember me? I used to blog here, once upon a time…

Ok, so I know I’ve not posted a single thing in a  week now, but I promise I have had good reason. You see last Tuesday, when I was last scheduled to blog something, I somehow kinda ended up in A&E instead. Pretty exciting, right?

Actually wrong. It wasn’t exciting. It was boring and exhausting and perhaps a little bit scarier than I care to admit to myself. You see, that fateful Tuesday a week ago, I woke up with chest pains. I dutifully told myself I had trapped wind, and dragged myself off to the Mac Ed Sales dept open day (no, I don’t work in sales, but as no-one is 100% certain what exactly I DO do, I tend to get invited all over the place. I’m also working closely with HR just now. Which amuses me because Ben, my brother works in HR (not at Macmillan though) and seems to spend a lot of his time doing the same kinda stuff as me anyway… Back to the story…).

The pains got worse all day. By home time I felt like crap. In truth, I’d felt like crap for a couple of days, but in an all over, exhausted, shaky kinda way, rather than anything I could put my finger on and identify. I phoned my mother and tried hard not to sound as scared as I felt.

Seeing straight through me as always, my mother insisted I phone NHS Direct IMMEDIATELY.

And ten minutes later, a paramedic rang my buzzer.

After a quick ECG he stated he was fairly confident that I was not mid heart-attack, but he would really like me to go into A&E anyway, to get thoroughly checked out. A full check up could uncover pneumonia or pleurisy, or even a blood clot, and as I live alone, he was loathe to leave me suffering chest pains over night.

Luckily, I have a great deal of experience of A&E. Even had I not broken my legs, ankles and feet often enough to garner the nickname “break-a-leg” at high school, I have spent many an evening in the waiting room with my baby brother Bobby and his astonishing knack for self-damage. So I grabbed a book, gave thanks that I would be ushered straight into a cubicle and not left to sit on the floor of a packed-out reception, and prepared myself to settle in for the long haul…

I won’t to bore you with the details of the next 5 hours, but suffice to say I had a more extensive ECG, a chest X-ray and blood tests, and left non-the-wiser as to why I was enduring such pain with every inward breath.

I would like to say that I awoke on Wednesday feeling fine, but sadly I didn’t. I awoke feeling rough as ‘owt, and with the same raging fever which had confounded the Doctors the night before. Although I dragged myself into work, the next three days were spent feeling pretty hideous, and on Friday night I was hit full blast by a chest infection that kept me in bed until, well, this morning, essentially!

Today my chest STILL hurts. I think my fever has finally broken, providing a pleasant break from the cold sweats I’ve suffered for nigh on a week. But I still feel pretty rough and exhausted, despite doing little but sleep for 48 hours…

But, at least now I know for certain that I do not have a blood clot, nor am I having a heart attack. Which is always reassuring!


14 thoughts on “Done a runner…

  1. Why on earth do you insist on dragging yourself into work when you have a fever? For the love of all that’s holy, go to bed and get yourself some rest and let your body do its job and get better! Lots of love and sending you LOTS OF REST. xxxx

    • Dr Dapper was marvellous – plied me with potions as always, lots of hot herby drinks and a constant cycle of reheated hot bags to keep the bed toasty! He’s did lose is temper a bit about me coming into work yesterday, but then he is only human… (Or perhaps, mostly human would be more apt – I’m never 100% sure!) xxxx

      • I think he’d be upset if anyone thought he was 100% human! lol.
        We’re very relieved to know you’re on the mend. Be glad the Laird didn’t resort to all the medical tricks of his alter-era…

        • I think you’re right Yvonne! 🙂

          As for the medical tricks, I would have been wholly unimpressed had he started scouring the duck pond for leeches!!


  2. So sorry to hear that! Medical stuff is no fun, and emergency-type medical stuff even less so. I hope you’re back up and at it soon!

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