Copying Kate: AW looks inpired by a Duchess!

Ok, you may be sensing a bit of Kate-no-longer-Middleton love going on on this here blog. But I’m not ashamed to admit that I dig the girl’s style – she does the coat-dress-combo to perfection, and get a load of the hat action!

You know I’m going to be channeling this look come winter – it’s a more polished take on Kirstie Allsopp’s look from last year. (ASOS have a basic fake fur version available for £20 in black or brown.)

I’m also an enormous fan of all things velvet, and all things “beret”. Which puts this coat and beret pairing high up my must-find list.

Which leaves me with a vintage shopping list that looks something like:

  • Fur hat
  • moulded beret
  • velvet – well, anything really!
  • waisted evening coats/coat dresses (perfect for my baby brother’s wedding in Glasgow come October!)

5 thoughts on “Copying Kate: AW looks inpired by a Duchess!

  1. Because I’m hoping to go on a very cold holiday early next year, and because I’m sure we’ll get snow again, I made sure to bag myself one of these hats from eBay a couple months back. I suggest you search for lambskin hat. They come up quite frequently for around £30 and are WARM!

  2. I’m in complete agreement me with you about her style. I love it. It’s so feminine and classic. Like you, I plan on scouring local second hand shops in pursuit of suitably Kate-esque items. =) I’ve actually tried on a fur hat like Kate’s and, unfortunately, looked like a bizarre Hollywood caricature of a vodka-swilling Russian woman. I’m determined to find something similar that’s more flattering, though!

  3. I have a very similar hat to dear Kate – in black – and of all places? From a Mountain Warehouse! Cheap, TOASTY, and a little more chic than your typical woolly noggin warmer. They sell something similar in Lockwoods too, and the material is nicer – it’s also more expensive, of course…..

    I tell you what, you keep your peepers open for super lovely coats for me, and I’ll keep a look out for these sorts of hats! Deal 😀

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