Pre-birthday presents

I mentioned last night that I wanted to tell you how touched I’ve been by my colleagues this week. As I explained on Monday, I’ve not been on top form, healthwise, since last Tuesday. It has been a particularly busy couple of weeks, with projects and events that I couldn’t miss for illness, and deadlines that had to be hit without question. My colleagues seemed to pick up on just how much I was struggling, and plied me with tea and offers of help accordingly. Lovely Sarah even brought in homemade beef broth to help feed me up! And then, yesterday, they organised a little pre-birthday treat. Maddi baked a divine carrot cake, and they presented me with a gift:

Perfect present picking by the lovely Charlie!

Merino and mohair, made in Britain, green & cream dogtooth – it is soft and warm and OH so pretty! I love it!

I was also given a little gift by Zoë at our club meetup. She had made me one of her fabulous emery-sand-filled strawberry pin cushions, as well as some divine rose creams – my favourites! And she gave me a beautiful embellishments kit – pretty ribbons and buttons:

So cute!

Tomorrow, on my actual birthday, I have a day’s leave. So, I’ll be having a very lazy day, taking some time to actually look after myself, and having lunch at Ame Soeur with Kate & Evie! I’m really looking forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Pre-birthday presents

  1. I just want to snuggle up in that blanket! It looks so lovely and warm. That pin cushion is absolutely adorable, too. My sewing machine skills are, erm, basic (to put it politely), but I still love cute sewing accessories.

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