Simply offal!

Monday morning dressing:
easy-on knitted dress from George via a charity shop; Primark shoes;
gifted Alice band; hair as slept in!

Lots of people hate offal. For many, liver, kidneys, hearts and the like are the ultimate in disgusting foodstuffs. But I am not one of the many – I love a good steak and kidney pie, adore chicken liver salad, won’t enjoy a full breakfast without the requisite black pudding and drool at the butchers over the sight of liver.

But when Mummy told me I could have anything I wanted for my birthday lunch, I think even she was a little shocked when I chose liver & bacon, onion gravy, green peas and mashed potato!

The thing is, no matter how hard I try, I simply can’t recreate my Mum’s liver & bacon. My bacon is never quite as crisp and flavoursome, my liver never as moist and melting, and my onion gravy always overpowers the other flavours with it’s onioniness. And for all the flour in the world, I can never get that delicious not-actually-batter coating she achieves quite right. It just doesn’t work for me!

My birthday lunch was absolutely delicious, and exactly what I wanted. And the bread and butter pudding with custard was the icing on the cake! Comforting home food at its very best – thank you Mummy!


9 thoughts on “Simply offal!

  1. Sounds wonderful, and sounds like we have very similar taste in food. I adore liver and onions. Hubby hates it, so I usually cook it if he’s not around, in the slow cooker, yumsa! Very good for you too. X

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