Season of mists?

Cardi: Dorothy Perkins; skirt, cami & shoes: all M&S —
my Gran would be so proud! 

This is not actually what I wore today – it’s what I wore last Wednesday, but didn’t get around to posting for you. This is largely because today’s outfit was a typical variation on my blue paisley dress +belt +cardi – and while I never tire of wearing it, I’m guessing you guys probably tire of seeing it on here!

Today was one of those crisp autumn mornings which saw the sun rise, a golden orb, under a cloudless sky, over fields shrouded in soft low mists… For all our Indian summer temperatures, there is a definite hint of autumn in the early mornings, a starkness in the dawn that reminds us, in spite of the brief respite, that winter is lurking around the corner.

The bleak, bitter cold of January, February and even March may leave me miserable, but September, October, November and December remain my favourite months of the year by far. Everything about these months is golden, glowing, rich and suggestive of cosiness – even the coldest December nights are warmed by the amber tones that spill out of living room windows alight with Christmas trees and open fires, and the yellow street lamps appear to melt all but the most frozen pavements. Cosy knits, wooly blankets, charming hats and elegant gloves are pulled out of storage and onto chilled bodies, and layers are built up as we brave the frosts to face the evening air of Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and that most hallowed of events, the switching on of the Christmas lights.

And, of course, the potential for dressing up doubles, as every outfit becomes two in one – one for indoors and one for out. What’s not to love about that?!


2 thoughts on “Season of mists?

  1. Like you, I love this time of year. Autumn is far and away my favorite season. I love the way the light reflects off the golden leaves, the way the air smells of warmth and spices. We don’t really get to see the leaves change very much here in Seattle. Typically, the leaves turn gold, and the very next day a heavy rain washes the leaves from the trees and turns them into a mushy brown mess on the side of the streets. Still, Mr. CP and I typically visit family in sunnier climes this time of year, so I still get to enjoy the gilt and glitter of Autumn.

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