Fudging along…

One of my favourite things about autumn is the television scheduling. You can guarantee at least one good period drama series (Downton Abbey for me this year again), and a smattering of well made one-off creations. Strictly Come Dancing returns to our screens (I love the razzle dazzle of SCD!) and even those of us who no longer tune in to X Factor can’t help but get swept up in the gossip, as it filters into every news stream. And our weeknight evenings improve exponentially thanks to the addition of cooking shows to the schedule!

I was not a huge fan of last year’s Baking made easy, but I did like some of the top time-saving tips Lorraine Pascale shared with us. So it is that this season I’m tuning in to Home cooking made easy – for the excellent tips!

Thanks to Monday’s episode I will be making fudge again this winter. Last year’s attempts did not work out according to plan, and resulted in some very tasty but imperfect fudge sauces and the like. Lorraine tackles the setting problem through the addition of marshmallows to the mix – simple, but clearly effective!

See Lorraine Pascale’s Chocolate marshamllow brown sugar fudge recipe

A large tub of not-quite-set fudge has sat in my fridge for almost a year now, a spoonful being removed every once in a while to add flavour to sauces (both sweet and savoury – for flavour, fudge works as a decent alternative to dark brown sugar). One of the secondary issues was the texture of my fudge, as the sugar crystals had solidified. I decided to make a feature of the crunch, by mixing in peanut butter.

After a few trials and tribulations, I believe I have finally found an excellent recipe for using up unset fudge. I’m calling it millionaire’s peanut butter treat, as the idea is roughly based around Millionaire’s Shortbread.


Millionaire’s Peanut Butter Treat

(No exact measurements as I made it up as I went along…)

For the base…
Digestive biscuits – one average sized packet, crushed
Butter – approx 60g to every 200g of biscuits

For the filling…
Unset fudge – I probably used about 400g
Crunchy peanut butter – slightly less than fudge, I think I used approx 350g

For the topping…
Dark chocolate – 200g
Milk chocolate – 100g

Begin by making the biscuit base – melt the butter, mix through the crushed biscuits, and pack into a greased, lined tin or dish. Place into the fridge to set – for best results, allow approx 1 hour.

To make the middle layer, melt the fudge back down to a thick liquid over the heat. Bring to a low boil and mix in the peanut butter. Do not allow to burn – keep moving at all times. Remove from the heat as soon as the peanut butter has melted down and is stirred through the fudge evenly. Pour onto the biscuit base and return to the fridge until set – approx 2 hours.

For the top layer, melt the milk and dark chocolate over a pan of boiling water. When melted, remove from the heat, set aside to cool for a couple of moments, then pour over the top of the fudge and base. Return to fridge once more to set.

Devour alone, share with friends, or send in the direction of your beloved – nothing garners me nearly as many proposals as well-prepared sweet treats!!


10 thoughts on “Fudging along…

  1. Fantastic recipe, despite the fact I don;t quite agree with your television taste :D. Although, I’ve heard Downton Abbey is very good… I’ll probably catch it in a few years when everyone else has stopped talking about it 😀

  2. Your recipes always sound delicious.
    I am also happy that the new seasons of Tv shows are back. Being Erica ,The Big Bang Theory, Castle and Lost Girl were much awaited in this house 🙂

  3. I am loving autumn for Downton Abbey, X Factor and cooking to aswell as the amazing weather. Your Millionaires peanut butter treat looks delicious.

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