Window shopping

The dress I have chosen to wear at Bobby & Sami’s wedding is somehow both very me and a step away from my usual style at once. I don’t think it is giving too much away to tell you that the dress is from Biba, or that there’s probably more than a slim chance that my choice has been influenced by my current (highly recommended) read, Celia Birtwell (review to follow very soon!).These combined have sent me reeling down a 70s style spiral (psychedlic, man!), uncovering hidden gems on ebay I would never have considered searching for before now…

As such, my watch list is suddenly a stream of platform boots, print chiffon maxi dresses, and long coats, and my Etsy favourites are rife with vintage floppy hats and velvet. It has been a while now since fashion has done anything that has truly ignited a wardrobe overhaul for me… And I never would have thought I would greet the 70s vibe with such enthusiasm!


4 thoughts on “Window shopping

  1. Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, doesn’t it? Just six months ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a floral-print, exceptionally feminine dress, and now my wish list is full of exactly that.


    • I’ve suddenly fallen hard for the 70s stuff – I hated it emphatically for so long!

      I have a floppy felt Reiss hat you might like – it’s cream and therefore doesn’t suit me. Will bring it along on Saturday for you to take away and try! xx

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