Old yellow

These are actually three individual photographs – check out the varied foot positions!
Yesterday’s outfit: dress: Get cutie; cami & shoes: M&S; belt: off another dress; seamed hold-ups: Vixen via UKTights

I am often heard to tell people that, as a fair-skinned sometimes-redhead, I can’t wear yellow. Yet lately, well, yellow has become quite a common sight in my wardrobe:

I think the key here is in the tone. I look washed out in primary yellow or lemon, but can carry off mustard yellow, ochre, or something with a green base. I need that strength of tone to draw out the colour in my cheeks (although my coral blusher also helps here… as my Mother recently told me,we can wear any colour, if we just change our make-up to compensate) – and the tone can be drawn out, in turn by pairing a piece with a complimentary colour. Hence, mustard yellow with greens or blue-greens, well, they work!

What colours can’t you wear?


15 thoughts on “Old yellow

  1. Ha, funnily enough, I’d probably say yellow! It’s my hair – the yellow can easily make it look dull, or the contrast is too strong and I looked washed out with washed out hair. It doesn’t flatter the old super pale skin either, I have to say.

    I do remember an ex of mine saying he loved that I wore lots of different colours and (he thought) they all really suited me, whereas as a dark haired bloke he thought he only suited darker colours. I’ve changed these days; as a younger, thinner gal I wore everything from lilac to navy to camel to baby blue, whereas now I gravitate towards darker colours……I do miss that younger, much more confident me sometimes – I think colour and confidence are so very interlinked.

    • You are a lot fairer than me, in fairness, and I can therefore imagine pure yellows washing you out – or even potentially clashing with that beautiful hair!

      I think you’re right about colour and confidence being interlinked – I know when I’m having a “fat day” I naturally gravitate towards navy or black. It’s easier to blend in that way, and then there are the old myths that black is more slimming… which I think is true in some ways, but definitely not an absolute! More often than not it’s the shape and cut of something that flatters us best!


  2. I love yellow, but I don’t look great in it – maybe I could wear mustard yellow but, like you I don’t think lemon yellow or canary yellow suits me. That said, in accessories I think it’s a neutral in the same way as bright red is – it looks good with almost any other colour.

    For years I thought I couldn’t wear orange or purple and while it’s still true that lilac or lavender don’t suit me brilliantly, I’ve been buying more and more purple and orange in the last few years. Maybe I’m becoming rebellious in my old age 😀

    • I know exactly what you mean about it being a “neutral” – I wear my yellow belt with so many, varied outfits – I love it!

      As for purple, I always think the purple tones you wear really suit you. Perhaps you should invest in a red hat that doesn’t match! 😀

  3. I love mustard yellow, and have been wearing quite a lot of it recently, too: in fact it’s one of my favourite colours at the moment! I still haven’t found a red I feel comfortable in (to wear next to my face, I mean: I do wear it on skirts and trousers, although even then I sometimes worry that it looks bad on me), which annoys me, because I’m always finding amazing red dresses and I think it looks fantastic on other redheads, yourself included – I just can’t seem to find the right shade for me, although I will keep trying!

    • As I was writing this post I was actually thinking about you and your previous comments about red! I always think your red skinny jeans (may they rest in peace) and that vibrant River Island skirt look great, and I can imagine you very easily in a red dress – perhaps because you wear so many brights, it’s easy to make the leap!

      I think you look great in mustard though – if they’re still around next month I’m determined to treat myself to one of the Dotty P’s dresses. I cant wait until all the expenses of moving are out of the way so I can buy dresses again! 😀

  4. Those deeper, mustardish yellows definitely look great on you! They like me, too, and are creeping into my wardrobe lately, along with some of the deeper oranges, after the colour consultation I had recently made me realise how well they worked. My ‘can’t wears’ are all the very bright and very pale colours (true white = ZombieCat) – I need something deeper and richer to bring out my own colours.

    • I’ve spotted them in your wardrobe too – I was coveting your mustard tunic during your week off! They go well with the blues that suit you so well as well – always a bonus!

      I tend to think of your colouring as a little on the Snow White side – dark hair, strong eyes and creamy skin – so strong colours I suppose are a given. But I noticed a couple of paler pinks and corals (I think) in your colour palettes a couple of weeks ago? I thought at the time I couldn’t see you in them, but perhaps I’m wrong! 😀

      • There’s a salmon pink and a paler, more peachy version in my palette, yes. They do suit me (those and a deep fuschia are the only pinkish tones that do), having seen them draped on me, but I’m not particularly drawn to them so it will take a garment I fall in love with to get me into them I suspect!

  5. Mustard yellow looks absolutely lovely on you! I think that, in general, anyone can wear just about any color, it’s simply a question of finding the right tone.

    I’ve found that I can’t really pull off bright pinks. I can typically muffle the redness in my skin with make-up, but no amount of cosmetics helps if I don magenta clothing. I look like an awkward 10-year-old who just stepped out of the 80’s. It’s baaaad news. =) I also can’t really pull off white — not only does it make me look like a vampire, but it also emphasizes the dark circles under my eyes.

    Also, to Cat (who commented above me): “ZombieCat” made me giggle! =)


    • Thanks Kelsey – and I hadn’t thought about white, but now that you mention it, I recall that it does me no favours whatsoever! I can remember trying on wedding dresses a few years back… the one I chose in the end was one of the first I tried, but in “diamond white” I didn’t see its potential. Later I tried it in coral and gold and it looked like a different dress! I guess some of us need a bit of warmth around the face… 🙂

  6. Funnily enough, yellow is a colour I also cannot wear. I have sallow skin, so it makes me look poorly. I love yellow too, so I try to wear it away from my face. X

  7. Shockingly enough, it is very difficult for me to wear navy. I know, right? Navy? But it looks ghastly on my mother and sister too, because of our “golden” skin-tone. I still love navy accessories, but it tends to make me look like I’m ill. The only way to remedy it is to highlight my skin and double-up on blush in order to give me more of a pink complexion. But then my face doesn’t match the rest of me. It’s a no-win.

    • Goodness – I always think of navy as being such a neutral colour! But then, I suppose white is a neutral colour, and loads of people (myself included) look awful in white!

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