Colour credentials

secondhand shopper, caroline, vintage 80s, charity shop, dress, quilted red jacketLast Friday’s outfit: vintage dress & vintage Laura Ashley jacket: both from charity shops; brooch: gifted; belt: Peacocks; shoes: Primark

My friends and twitter followers will know how often I have bemoaned the lack of available thick tights in staple colours such as navy. For years I have been searching for the perfect navy tights and hold-ups, the latter, entirely without success. Without success, I should say, until now…

When my UKTights newsletter arrived in my inbox this week I completed my usual skim-read, and spotted a pair of seamed hold-ups I wanted to buy. I clicked through to the website accordingly, and added them to my basket, then indulged in a little post-pay-day browsing, just in case anything should catch my eye…

Such as, for example, the fact that each drop-down menu now has its own option linking directly through to navy items!

Yup, someone over at UKTights HQ MUST have listened to my prayers becuase I can now choose from navy tights, navy hold-ups, navy stockings, and even a catch-all section titled navy hosiery! Naturally, a pair of 60 denier navy hold-ups found their way into my basket!


10 thoughts on “Colour credentials

    • Thanks K – I love this dress, but haven’t worn it often as it is chiffon, strapless and boned – so difficult to dress down. But this season chiffon seems to be dressed down all over the place, so I thought, why not?! 🙂

    • Were you with me when I bought this? I was definitely shopping with “the girls” – we went into a charity shop on Regent’s Street and I announced “I never find anything in here” and promptly pulled this from the rail? Which is why, although I have favourite charity shops, I never rule any out! xx

      • Ha ha, I was with you when you bought that! It was in the blue cross shop, which always smells horrible because it’s between a butchers and a fishmongers. Good find, I’d totally forgotten about that 🙂

        • I knew it was a girly shopping trip of some description! I thought it was the same day I bought the killer heels to wear at Elena’s birthday party in House of Fraser, then we all went to the White Horse for dinner/drinks? 😀

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