Cracking & packing

dorothy perkins, ochre, dress, dancingA new spinny dress – I just had to do a little dance of joy for you!

dorothy perkins, ochre, dress, dancingDress: Dorothy Perkins; hold-ups: Charnos via UKTights; shoes: M&S; belt: Topshop;
Mac: Matalan via charity shop; hat: M&S

Goodness, how can it possibly be Monday again already? The weekend passed in a blink of the eye…

You may have spotted the Dorothy Perkins ochre dress I have been coveting in the above pictures, and no, my resolve did not break. I finally saw the delightful Carys for the first time since my birthday on Saturday, and she presented me with this as a belated birthday gift! It is such a good job I didn’t give in to the call of the sale and buy it for myself.

In fact, Carys and I spent the earliest hours of Saturday morning loading and unloading my belongings into her car to do a car boot sale! I got rid of a lot of accumulated junk, and made £52 for van hire in preparation for removals. After the car boot, Dapper popped over to collect me and a car full of boxes – we’re planning the move little by little over the next two weeks, to make The Big Clean easier. For this reason blogging might be a little sporadic until the start of November – just whilst I get organised!

I do have a few posts planned ahead for you, what with having my baby brother’s wedding this coming weekend… I have so much to squeeze into such a short space of time. Better get cracking!


16 thoughts on “Cracking & packing

  1. AH! I have that dress on my wish list right now! I visit it nearly every day… lol It looks so twirly and wonderful, and I love your spin-y dance. I do the same thing whenever I wear full-skirted dresses… as I’m sure you’ve noticed. lol Have a wonderful move, and good luck cleaning!


    • I know you’ve been coveting it – is reduced to £20 at present too! I can try to grab one for you if you like, if they have them in my local Dotty P’s…

      Have sent you a MAMMOTH email today btw! 🙂

  2. 😀

    I am so, so pleased that it looks so wonderful – buying clothes for someone is such a difficult one, I was terrified that the waist might fall in the wrong place, or the sleeves weren’t just so….but it is perfect! As I thought it would be, really.

    I also had a great time car booting – and there’s not many things I can say that about that I get up early for! *beam beam beam*

    • 😀 😀 😀

      And you know how particular I am about the waist being in the right place and the sleeves being just so… But you’re correct, it is perfect! Makes my hair look particularly golden-amber too!

      I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed our little jaunt – it was made all the better for being in your company, as always! And what a great excuse to spend a long, not-so-lazy morning together! If you ever decide to clear out and would like some company selling your wares, you know who to ask! xxx

  3. That dress is awesome on you! I tried it on the other week when I saw it had been reduced, but it was too short and the waist was a bit high on me. I did get a very similar one (but black) in H&M this weekend though.

    And yay for your move – you must be very excited! (You certainly look it in these pictures!)

    • These pictures do not do justice to the excitement factor, I assure you! I can’t wait!!!

      Waists are funny things, n’est-ce pas? Or perhaps the funny thing is the high street’s blind ignorance of the fact that women are all different shapes… But we’ve discussed this before!! 🙂


    • Thanks! It’s actually getting to be a little cold for my mac already, so I’m really pleased it got an outing before the weather turned. On to the real coats now winter has arrived! 🙂

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