Out of fashion

Dress & belt: both vintage via ebay (bought separately); cardi: Matalan; shoes: M&S; opaque hold-ups: Charnos; brooch: vintage via Cabaret Antiques & Curios, Edinburgh

Over on Tea and Feathers last week, Cat was talking about the trials and tribulations of clothes shopping. About the lengthy process of trying things on, only to find they just don’t sit right, the waist is in the wrong place, there’s no allowance made for the fact that women have bosoms… For me, the waist problem is a major one – finding clothes that acknowledge the fact that some women actually have a waist at all can be a challenge and a half. And despite not having the largest of bosoms myself, finding clothes that emphasise my curves without making me look just a little bit common can be like the quest for the holy grail… There’s a reason I have a collection of black and nude camis – or “modesty tops” as I call them – in my drawers!

But the other problem I have lies in the fact that I quite often get an idea in my mind of what I want, only to find it impossible to recreate via the high street. Take the last two years, for example, spent in searching high and low for red cardigans – any red cardigans – with zero success. This year, they’re two-a-penny, but when I needed one? Oh hell no!

And what of navy? Finally, as I commented last week, hosiery vendors seem to have caught on to this marvellous neutral. But for years now I have been questing for blue opaques to no avail.

And then there are the last three weeks, spent searching EVERY high street store, EVERY department store concession and EVERY online shop I can think of, trying to find a navy blue bolero or shrug appropraite for a wedding. With no luck. In desperation, I have even ventured into dress agencies, only to be met with blank stares and, in one store, the statement that navy simply “isn’t fashionable this season”.

I have never really considered myself “fashionable”: I’m not “edgy” enough, not brave enough, to be “on trend”. I tend to wear what I like because I like it and can afford it. Sometimes I recreate looks I have seen in magazines, sometime those from television or film, and most often I’m influenced by period-specific costuming. But even so, I could swear that blue is a base I have been noticing everywhere this year! Am I really so out of touch?

There is nothing quite as depressing as spending so much time looking for just one thing and failing miserably in finding it. It is even more depressing when it appears in all the shops the following year. So think of me, when the high street is awash with dark and royal blues next summer. I’ll be quietly seething, and probably desperately seeking something else entirely!


6 thoughts on “Out of fashion

  1. I know precisely what you mean! I’ve been trying to high and low to find cute and unique patterned tights in unusual colors for hippy women to no avail. All I can ever manage to find are black and brown. To all tight manufacturers I say: women with hips like colorful tights, too, so get a move on! =)

    You look lovely in this outfit, btw. I love the green dress. And the brooch looks lovely, too. I always feel naked if I don’t wear a brooch. hehe


    • Lol – yes, your brooch-lovin’ puts my collection to shame!

      Its only the last year or so I’ve started to find coloured tights in sizes comfortable for the slightly fuller frame. The berry-toned 120 denier velvet opaques I was wearing yesterday were actually far too large for me! What a find! 😀

  2. Oh I feel your pain! i like to think we are in fact, too fashion forward (like your quest for a red cardi before they became popular) and we are too early for the High St!

    Here’s a linky…yes old lady catalogue but they do have some gems sometimes! LOL! Might not be shrug enough though, plus it’s short sleeves.


    There appear to be a lot of buy it nows on eBay… here’s a long sleeve one..

  3. I have similar problems with having big (stupid) boobs and a small waist (relative to boobs and hips!). Sometimes shopping for clothes actually makes me tearful. And yet, I still have a lot of clothes. Sometimes I think I get a siege mentality and feel I have to buy the nice things that fit as I wonder if anything else will fit well again!

    My current bugbear is elasticated waists which are everywhere. Eurgh – I look horrendous in them anyway and I detest them.

    Love your frock in this post.

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