Flashbacks and fritters

Skirt: Reiss; top: Dorothy Perkins; shoes: charity shop

An outfit shot from a random Thursday two weeks ago, when I hadn’t time to write. The resurgence of pleats in the high street shops reminded me how little wear this skirt gets, what with it being silk, and made me determined to stop saving it “for best” and give it an outing!

Today saw me working from home, and finding a use for the last of the pumpkin in my fridge for my lunch. I diced the flesh and mixed into a simple batter to make fritters!

I served mine savoury, with sweet chilli mayonaisse, but if you’ve a sweet tooth I would recommend rolling them in cinnamon sugar. I dusted a few leftovers in vanilla sugar and wrapped in a paper bag as a treat for my brother, Ben, who is driving us all to Edinburgh for the wedding this weekend!

I’ll leave you drooling over pumpkin fritters, with the promise of wedding photos come next week!


4 thoughts on “Flashbacks and fritters

  1. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I love pleated skirts but can never make them work for me as they always make my hips look big. I love this skirt though. It looks so delicate and hangs so well. It would definitely be a shame and not wear it and just keep it for best. Those pumpkin fritters look amazing. i would definitely go for the sweet ones!

  2. Hiya hun, always love your blog. I was wondering if those are suntan tights you are always wearing with skirts, or is that bare legged? I have been wondering the past couple you posted but you never mentioned it.


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