Why I love Charnos

Nope, it’s not only beacuse they offer navy hold-ups. Though you could be forgiven for thinking so, considering the recent surge of blog posts about them…

A fortnight ago I was loitering on twitter and spotted a tweet about Charnos hosiery’s 75th anniversary designs. I was intrigued and clicked through to their facebook page to have a sneaky peek. The designs are beautiful, so I naturally left a query on their facebook wall about stockists. I also left a query on their pictures asking whether there was anywhere I could lay my hands on the packaging designs – perhaps as promotional postcards…

By the time I had got home that evening, there was a reply to my comment asking whether I was on twitter. I left my twitter handle, and promptly received a  tweet saying that if I dm-ed my address, they would post me out a set of the postcards!

Now, if that’s not great customer service, I don’t know what is!

The 75th anniversary designs incorporate a range of stockings, tights and hold-ups, each inspired to suit a different leg shape by a different stylish starlet. Whether you’re an Ava, an Marilyn, a Jackie, a Betty, a Brigitte or a Katherine, there’s a style to suit you.

Mid-way through last week, a parcel arrived. I was expecting an envelope with six postcards and perhaps a compliments slip from Charnos, and so assumed it must be from somebody else – perhaps some ebay purchase I had forgotten about. Imagine my surprise when I opened the parcel to find the postcards, a booklet about the history of hosiery AND a pair of Betty tights!

Takes great customer service to the next level, eh?!


4 thoughts on “Why I love Charnos

  1. AAAHHHH! Those tights are SO cute! I wish we could find things like that here in the US. According to US businesses, though, apparently women with hips only want solid colored tights in black or brown… which is news to me. =P

    • They are really cute tights, but I haven’t worn them as yet, so can’t guarantee they’re even a good fit on my curvy derrier… I’ll let you know how good a fit they are! 😉

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