Wedding Biba!

A polyvore collage showing how I’d love to style the dress, were money not an object…

This is the utterly stunning dress I bought for Bobby and Samia’s wedding. It’s a Biba beauty, and such a perfectl fit. But I had some problems with styling it up appropriately a) for a wedding and b) for cooler (read: Scottish) weather.

How I styled the dress on a budget…
Handbag: vintage (was my Aunty’s); shoes: Primark; coat:
M&S via ebay; hair flower: Matalan

As we were destined for an meal in a restaurant rather than a typical church/daytime wedding, I forwent the hat in favour of a hairpiece in an up-do. Although the dress is stunningly 70s, I wanted to play on the 30s/Edwardian elements, hence the hair rolls, PLUS this style offered the added advantage of curls for the Sunday morning brunch and photographs!

To tie the look together and make it appropriate for a wedding breakfast, I wanted to add embellishments to my hairstyle. Being short on money thanks to The Big Move this month, I couldn’t really afford to buy myself a new hairpiece – besides which, finding ANYTHING in navy was proving unbelievably difficult! So, I got to work with a length of taffeta ribbon and made myself this:

In the end, I wore this on my coat to tie the look together, as I found a yellow flower in Matalan for £5, literally the day before we left. I also bought a stem of fake flowers at Hobbycraft, just in case I preferred the understated look when the day arrived… As it turned out, the combination of the two looked far prettier and classier, and complimented my dress!

My henna tattoo when it had just been painted. This was done freehand by a hugely talented 16 year old girl, studying three sciences for her highers – not even an art student! It took her 10 minutes!


16 thoughts on “Wedding Biba!

    • Thank you sweetie! It’s funny that something so me can be so far removed from anything else I own, yet I absolutely LOVE it! Definitely a new shape for future consideration!

      • I know what you mean about it being different from the other things you own, but at the same time it looks just right. It reminds me of a bit in one of the Anne of Green Gables books (I think it’s Anne of Ingleside, but I can’t be sure without it to hand) where Gilbert compliments Anne on a dress (a green one) by saying something along the lines of it looks like it grew on her. Not in a mouldy way, obviously – but just in the natural-ness of it.

        I’ve just come out of a long meeting – can you tell?!

        • Lol!! I knoew what you meant anyway hon – because it is very “me” and yet I can’t quite put my finger on how. Because everything else I own is such a vastly different shape. Still, when I wear it, it feels right on me.

          My step-dad attempted to insult me by telling me I looked like something from a 1930s movie, like I might break into a dance routine any given minute. I told him it was impossible to be insulted by such a compliment! 😀

  1. I’m going to show this to Mum when I next see her, just because I know she’ll say, ‘I had a dress like that!” 🙂

    You look incredible – and I love that your personality comes out in the styling, and that it isn’t the obvious Coast/Monsoon number (although they both have their place) – and I bet nobody had anything even remotely similar on! Perfect 🙂 xxx

    • Lol – I feel so sure your Mum, like mine, did have a dress like this!! Also, check out my Aunty’s vintage 70s handbag! 😀

      Do you know, there was no-one really there in the obvious Coast/Monsoon outfit – as 80% were in Muslim dress, so long skirts/dresses and headscarves. The nice thing about this dress was that it felt very “me” but was still really covered up – so I didn’t feel exposed or as if I were insulting anyone else’s religious beliefs. It worked really well! xxx

      • I LOVE the handbag (I couldn’t see it terribly well on my phone) but the colour is absolutely stunning, positively jewel-like.

        That’s a very good point – when I was at a friend’s (Indian) wedding, I found a similar thing. Obviously many people were in traditional dress, and as a bridesmaid I was told we could dress that way, but I felt a little oddly about it. It’s not that it’s offensive, but I just didn’t feel comfortable about it. But I immediately went for something long and quite demure – my normal wedding garb just did not seem right!

        I bet your curls were *fabulous* the next day, do we get pics of them?! xx

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