Wedding outfit the second: Sunday wedding lunch

Bobby and Samia’s wedding was split across two days, necessitating two different outfits. For the Saturday, I had the beautiful Biba dress, but I could not afford a new outfit for the second day as well. So I decided to wear a dress I have had some time but has not had enough wear for how lovely it is, my tartan taffeta Kaliko number.

Dress: John Lewis; shoes: Primark (see below); cardi: Dotty P’s; necklace: gifted; handbag; vintage via charity shop; hair flower: see below.

The last time I wore this dress I dressed it down with low heels, a suede belt and a quilted corduroy jacket. This time I wanted to make it wedding appropriate, but needed to find a way to do so on a tight budget. So I set to work with my sewing kit and rummaged through my drawers to find something to repurpose.

These shoe clips were my first creation, used to make certain that the shoes I wore both nights would look different on each occasion. The rosettes are made from an old pair of red opaque tights whose elasticated waist had seen better days, and which had a hole in the toe. (You can see how I made them in more detail via a post on the sew make believe blog in a couple of weeks – I’ll let you know when it’s up!) I mounted them on a pair of clip-on earing backs I found at the car boot (3 pairs for £1) and voila! New shoes!

My second creation was the flower rosette for my hair. This was made from an old lace-trimmed camisole that was a touch on the snug side, and which I frankly haven’t worn in years, but held onto “just in case”. I cut the top into rounds and sewed together in a semblance of this tutorial. I then sewed in a bobby pin and voila – one ruffled corsage.

It is an acknowledged fact that if someone gives me a baby to hold, I’m a happy camper. So, I spent much of the day cuddling up to my nephew, Odin.

Odin is my brother Richard’s baby, just coming up to a year old, and as adorable as they come!

My sister Jen’s wee lad, Oli, was a poorly bunny, and loathe to be separated from his Mummy for too long, but her eldest, Emily, was on top form, having found a new BFF in the form of Samia’s neice, Fatima. These two were the cutest little twosome ever, blowing bubbles, refusing to let go one another’s hands, and generally revelling in their matching dresses, boleros and handbags. I think they may each have made a friend for life!

Children after my own heart, my brother Jon’s children, Matthew and Maria, seemed content to watch from the sidelines as Fatima’s brothers threw themselves headlong (literally in some cases – Omar ran full pelt into a table at head height, only to shake himself off and carry on playing!) into the action. Maria in particular was perfectly happy taking photographs of her Hello Kitty necklace. She was especially excited about this element of her outfit:

It was one of the warmest, friendliest, most loving weddings I have ever been to – and I mean across the whole family, not just between the happy couple. I genuinely felt welcomed into Samia’s family, and as if I were gaining (even more!) sisters and a brother, all wonderfully warm, bright and genuine. I feel quite emotional still about the whole experience, delighted to have Samia as my sister, and so very proud of my baby brother.


6 thoughts on “Wedding outfit the second: Sunday wedding lunch

  1. That is *exactly* what a wedding should be about! Lots of love, happiness and bringing people together. The best – and loveliest – weddings I’ve been to are those where everyone seems almost infected by happiness 🙂

    The picture of your brother and his new wife – delightful. They not only look happy, but it almost comes out of the picture, does that make sense? I feel that way about the pictures from our wedding – that the smiles N and I have plastered on our faces are real ones, not just for show.

    Also – the hair! That is just too lovely for words *gently seethes with jealousy*

    🙂 xxx

    • Don’t they look happy! I was looking at Ben’s pics last night, and they literally can’t keep their eyes off one another – it’s just beautiful to behold! 🙂

      And “infected” is exactly the right word – they are such a joyful family, it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in it! xxx

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