All change…

I wrote not long ago about potential life changes and the disruption they were causing to my sleep. Following a prolongued procedure at work (oh, the joys of red tape!) I can finally disclose that things have been resolved with the best possible outcome, one which will no doubt ensure an excellent, deep night’s slumber tonight!

Moving in with Dapper means moving even further from work than I am already. I was dreading the longer commute, particularly as we head into the winter months, and with my workload and health being as they have of late. I had spoken to my line manager in August about the possibility of working from home more frequently, but held little hope for this option.

I had looked at other jobs, but was feeling somewhat unenthused at the prospect. Largely because I actually really enjoy what I do. I have lately fallen in step with the company in a most satisfying way, feeling the projects and strategies I began to work on 20 months ago finally falling into place. And I like working for Macmillan. I’m proud to work for them!

From November I’ll be living in Dapper’s wee hoose, and working from home a little more frequently. In fact, I’ll be working from home a rather wonderful four days each week! Can you imagine the difference that this will make to my energy levels, to my health, and to my work-life balance? I feel I have been running at half-speed, letting important elements of my life slip, for pushing two years now – I will finally have the time, energy, and well-being to pick things up again! And do an even better job of doing my job too!

It was touch and go for a while there, as I was trying to find the courage to take the long-tempting, enormous leap of faith into freelance, which I thought to be my only option if I wished to continue doing the job I enjoy so much. But somehow, things have come right.

It has been a long time coming, but this truly has felt like a year of things falling into place for me. Here’s to a happier, healthier future! 🙂


17 thoughts on “All change…

  1. That’s fabulous news! I wish my work were so lenient! I am thinking that one day at home a week will be too much to ask for, even though my commute has tripled from this week.
    Also, you hair looks fab in the Sunday outfit post below – love the curls!

    • Thanks Fi, I love the feel of curly hair!

      It’s horrible when you’ve got to face a long commute every day. I read last week about your extended commute, and I really feel for you. Fingers crossed one day a week will be possible for you. xx

  2. That is tremendous. We all spend such a huge proportion of our lives working and it’s so important to get the balance right. It sounds like you’re going to be embarking on an exciting new phase in your life and that everything is just falling in to place nicely. Good luck with it all. Xx

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