Get thee behind me…

Dress: vintage via ebay; belt & cardi: Topshop; navy hold-ups; Charnos via UKTights; shoes: Bertie

Last week, House of Olivier threw temptation into my path, with their mid-season sale. Naturally, I succombed.

But d’you know something? I don’t regret it one little bit. Because this lovely cotton petticoat is everything I was hoping it would be.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; belt: Peacocks; shoes & cami: M&S;
cardi & flower corsage: Matalan

I now want the same petticoat in red, navy, burgundy, cornflower… and perhaps a Victoria in white too. Just in case you happen to have a spare £100 lying around unused, y’know — otherwise I think I’ll have to purchase one a month for next few years…


One thought on “Get thee behind me…

  1. You look beautiful! I love that belt. I’m convinced that belting things like this just doesn’t work on my body, but perhaps I should give it a whirl anyway. =)

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