Farewell Hitchman Court

The next time I write for you I will be a fully-fledged resident of Dapper’s wee hoose. I’m so excited at the prospect of this, it’s verging on the silly side…

There are a few things I’ll miss about living alone, all of which will no doubt be replaced by far superior alternatives… Watching the crap TV I pretend not to watch – guilty pleasures such as Waterloo Road and Don’t Tell the Bride, for example – will no doubt be replaced with the joy that is watching TV with another person. The days of shouting at the telly (or talking to myself…) are over! Also, tucking a couple of hot water bottles into the bed before curling up in there myself, with a book and a mug of milky drink may well be a treat I can carry over, but there is something extra-luxurious about enjoying the whole double bed to oneself – even if one does have a tendency to only sleep on one side of it… Despite this, the luxury simply can’t outweigh the winter warmth of cuddling up to another person, putting your cold feet on their ankles, stealing their body heat for your own!

I won’t miss the commute, but I will miss the Spring and Autumn sunrises over the Warwickshire and Oxfordshire countryside. There’s something about the big skies of the motorway that simply can’t be matched from a bungalow window… Unless perhaps by the prospect of an extra two hours in bed…

I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to live alone. It taught me a great deal about myself, and gave me the chance to rebel against my own character and discover who I had become at a difficult time and with minimum impact on anyone else. It also made me braver, taught me to be happy in my own company and confident in my own abilities. I know now what I can accomplish for myself and where I need to ask for help. I know the extent of my own capabilities.

These past three years have passed in a flash, but even I can see how far I have come!


4 thoughts on “Farewell Hitchman Court

  1. Robbing body heat from your bedfellow is a major bonus, poor hubby always has to suffer my ‘corpse feet’. I’m so excited for you lovely lady! Have fun. X

  2. One of the things I love most about living with my OH, is knowing there will someone there to put the kettle on, especially in the dark nights! All the best with the move x

  3. Congrats and good luck!
    I spent the night alone last night as someone was out of town for work. Yikes, I have gotten quite used to not being alone. I took out two plates for dinner, for instance.

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