Exploding the haggis…

Last night did NOT go well. My first working night at Dapper’s and I wanted to impress, to round off the day with a cooked meal that Dapper would really enjoy. I had defrosted a haggis, had no neeps, but settled for carrots, and confidently set the meat to simmer in its stomach casing.

Apparently, exploding haggis are not rare. A quick google threw up a hundred posts by experimental bloggers, all of whom had experienced haggis explosions of some description. It seems I was lucky, in fact, that my haggis exploded inside the pan, and not at the table, covering the ceiling, the lights, the extractor fan, the furniture, or the kids (!) in hot offal!

I salvaged my haggis as per an amalgamation of recommendations, draining it through a sieve, encasing it in tin foil and placing into the oven on a baking tray to finish cooking. I served with my mashed carrots and tatties, and a very untraditional sweet-savoury sloe and apple sauce.

Well, I liked it…


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