New routine

Wednesday’s outfit: colour-blocking purple tones
Skirt: H&M; cardi: charity shop; cami & shoes: M&S; belt: gifted

The close-up shot shows the true colours

Yesterday I made the journey from my new home into work. I got a taxi out to the station at 6.45am. The train left at 7.14am, and took exactly 1 hour to arrive into Oxford. I then caught a bus out again, and was at the office before 9am. So far, so good, right?

The day passed in a blur of business as per usual, and before I knew it we were approaching 5pm. My lovely colleague offered me a lift to the station, and we made the run with an aim to my getting on the 17.36 train home. Which would have been perfect, had the 17.36 not been delayed. By an hour.

By the time I finally got back to Birmingham International it was just shy of 8pm. The train was well over an hour late. And I was cold, tired and grumpy.

Still, theoretically, I should be able to run the entire day in approximately 12 hours – 7am-7pm, door-to-door. Which really isn’t bad!


8 thoughts on “New routine

  1. Sounds like a really long day, although perhaps a good opportunity to read a magazine or listen to some music. I love your outfit. It all works so perfectly together. Great styling!

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