Ghosts of winters past

Dress: Laura Ashley; jacket: H&M; shoes: M&S;
hat: Accessorize via charity shop

The outfit above is what I wore on Saturday. We had a relaxed afternoon pootling about Knowle, visiting the butchers, grocer’s and deli and rounding the trip off with an hour whiled away in the Oxfam bookshop – definitely my favourite way to spend a free weekend!

On Sunday, however, I was up bright and early for the Blighty Boutique Vintage & Handmade fair. I had a combination of both handmade and vintage items to sell – as the name suggested – and passed a brilliant day in chatting to customers and encouraging crafty folks to join up to sew make believe… I even met a mini Dapper in his flat cap and tweed, whose Mum explained he came in every night from school and changed into his suit and hat – clearly stuck in the wrong century!

I had genuinely forgotten how much I enjoyed craft fairs! And I sold out of Toesles – even had folks taking my card so that they could contact me to make orders! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching a child clutch a toy you’ve made to their chest, a massive smile emblazoned across a face that moments earlier was desperately pleading…

The event reminded me of just how much I used to craft, and just how many fairs I used to attend. There was a time that barely a weekend passed without me selling my wares in some church or village hall, at a school fete or out of a chilled field tent. I turned out into the frozen north east at 6am Sunday after Sunday, suitcases in hand, sometimes even dressed in Victorian or Medieval garb, to stand behind a stall selling the fairies I’d stayed up late into the night to make. Because there’s nothing to beat that buzz of vending your own creations to an eager public. As someone who loves working in customer-facing roles, the added bonus of making a few extra pennies from your hobby just cannot be beaten!

So, I hope this will be the start of a renewed interest in local craft fairs. I might even pick up my Etsy store again in the new year… And the fairy stash might be brought out of its early retirement in Ben’s walk-in wardrobe at home… The leads are there to be followed!

It also reminded me of a moment of kindness I experienced two years ago now, at the hands of a group of truly amazing women, who I still feel honoured to call my friends. I shed a tear reading back over this post, and wanted to share, once again, how wonderful they are with the world: You sneaks!


6 thoughts on “Ghosts of winters past

  1. Oh my goodness! The toesles are SO CUTE! The purple one looks like a hippo. =D I love going to craft fairs, both as a seller and a customer. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie that such an environment inspires.

  2. Oh my – the sneak attack! I can’t believe that it is 2 years ago now, where has the time gone Cie?

    Sounds like you had a great time at the fair, I am becomming addicted myself – get thyself back to Etsy my dear, crafting is food for the soul.

    We’d all sneak you in a second if you ever needed it again, I’m sure 🙂
    A x

  3. Those toesles are absolutely, 100% adorable – I know a niece that would greatly, greatly appreciate one of those – any chance you could show me how to make one? She’s a big, big fan of all things that can be cuddled! (This does include books, bless her)

    It sounds like you had the perfect weekend – and that sneak attack brought tears to my eyes, seriously. What a lovely, lovely thing to do for someone – and I can’t think of someone more deserving or more grateful 🙂 xxxx

  4. I was just thinking of the Sneak Attack when I started reading this post. My snowman will be getting pride of place on the mantlepiece again this Christmas.

  5. I love your dress! Sounds like the perfect weekend. I am longing to spend a weekend just wandering around a craft or vintage fair. I must be feeling festive.

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