Working from home is proving largely to be an exercise in learning to keep warm. Hot water bottles and blankets are seeping into my daily routine, as are my top find of the winter, Primark’s micro-fleece-lined opaques and Dapper’s hiking socks. Today’s addition of a velvet maxi skirt over my micro-fleece tights is essentially a means of keeping a blanket wrapped permanently around my legs. Barely a day passes that my fleece-lined festival hat doesn’t make an appearance, and I think I’d be numb beyond typing without my marvellous fingerless gloves, a handmade Christmas gift courtesy of the lovely Nat last year.

I also find myself building a routine around staving off the chill. I cook soup or pasta on the hob at lunchtime, simply to take the chill out of the air in the kitchen. I treat hanging up washing as a form of excercise to warm me up. Last night I found myself pleading with Dapper: “Don’t do the washing up! I’ll do it mid-morning tomorrow when my fingers get too numb to function – the hot water brings them back to life!”

Today, however, was different. I came into the kitchen to find a note from Dapper: Tea in the pot, heating set to come on for 1 hour mid-morning. I guess the corpse-feet finally got to him…


3 thoughts on “Snug

  1. Heh, that sounds like me! I resist putting the heating on during the day if I can help it – for some reason it just doesn’t seem right. Funnily enough, we’ve just been talking about getting some coal so we can get a fire going in the living room – I absolutely love, love, love having the open fire, it’s a different kind of heat to radiators!

    I’m also a socks/slippers socks/warm trousers/thermal top/normal long sleeved top/cardigan/possibly a snood/fingerless gloves/blanket kind of a gal! (As in, that was me yesterday…..)

  2. Get one of those Halogen heaters or an oil fired radiator – and just warm up one room. I make sure just the office is warm and it stops me going anywhere else as well. As housework can prove remarkably attractive if work gets dull.

  3. How sweet was it of Dapper to make you tea?! I’m always freezing, particularly this time of year. The chill in the air makes me want to wrap up in multiple layers of pajamas, throw a fleece blanket over my lap, and drink hot tea or coffee to my heart’s content. =)

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