Going Downton style

Blouse: Karen Millen; Jacket, skirt & shoes: charity shop; cami: M&S.

I have just had the most marvellous weekend. Following a week of OfSTED stress, followed by post-OfSTED exhaustion, we wanted to do something fun and relaxing. So, we got all dolled up to go to the reeenactor’s fair in Ryton-on-Dunsmore! Always a fun day out…

I wanted to check out the fabric stalls, as well as being on the lookout for a pair of brown, not-too-high boots for winter, to replace the beautiful 12-year-old knee boots I had to throw out at the start of this year. Dapper was looking for a new training sword to use when he sets up his gentleman’s fight club next year, as well as a bowler hat, which we’ve been trying to find for him for over a year already.  Plus, we were out for the fun of the fair – to coo over the beautiful hand-carved, viking-inspired wooden furniture, the medieval tunics and Victorian corsetry, the horn goblets and blown glass tableware, and the earthenware jars, jugs and casserole dishes.

I was unlucky in my quest for fabric, but did find a very lovely pair of ox-blood coloured Victorian leather ankle boots. These warmed to my feet almost as soon as I put them on, and were such a comfortable fit, not too high – in short, perfect. Dapper insisted we take them, and bought them for me as a belated birthday present. (He had been waiting to buy me something really special, so these fit the bill!) At the same stall we found him a bowler hat, which I bought towards his Christmas gift, and I found a perfect berry-red Victorian riding hat, which just completed my outfit, so I naturally wore for the rest of the day!

I stumbled across the most marvellous period costume stall, White Rabbit Lynens, where a lass by the name of Alice was selling the most stunning hand-stitched linen wares, and handmade lace. I would have liked to talk to her longer had she not been very busy – she looked fabulous in a vintages 50s dress – but either way, she renewed my interest in lace-making, and made me think about the finish of my items, and my tendency to go for faster finishes rather than time-consuming detail. She was also the person responsible for the title of this post, informing me that I looked very Downton Abbey!

We also purchased a few gifts for other people, and towards the end, Dapper spotted the perfect sword. It being rather costly, we agreed to go halves on the sword, my half being an early birthday present for him. We came home feeling pleased as punch with our purchases and excited to play with our new toys!


10 thoughts on “Going Downton style

  1. I am envy itself, your hat is positively iconic! Am consoling myself with the thought that it probably would clash with my orange hair…x

    • Heee – I don’t think anything I own has ever been called positively iconic before! They did have the same hat in non-clashing shades – grey, black… possibly green, depending on te tone of “orange” in question! 😀 x

  2. Ah! Mr. CP will be so irate that we don’t live on the same continent when he finds out about Dapper’s gentleman’s fight club. And bowler hat. =) Though Mr. CP tends to favor fedoras and pocket watches, I know for a fact that he’d love to find a flattering bowler hat.

    • Ahh, see Dapper is a fedora and pocket watch fella, but the bowler seemed to be the next step. He has also started wearing his tie on the outside of his collar sometimes, or even replacing it with a cravat (boy, do I love a man in a cravat!) as a special treat! 😀

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