Last Wednesday’s outfit (how awful am I?!) comprising a Topshop sweater (via charity shop), Matalan skirt and M&S trusty high heels!

Yikes – how is it Tuesday again already?

You may have gathered, I have as yet failed to get into any sort of a routine with regards to blogging from my new home. Although I lose far fewer hours to the commute now, I find my days filled up very quickly with work and then housekeeping, and with all the crafting I simply hadn’t the time for just a month ago. When evening rolls around, I am often in too great a hurry to switch the computer off and relocate to the sofa or kitchen, where various “making” tasks await, and blogging slips further and further down my “to-do” list…

The last week has seen a flurry of fruity activity, with the last of the sloes (7lbs to be exact) and several kilos of windfall apples making their way into the kitchen. These have dutifully been transformed into sloe gin (I think I bought Morrisons out where gin is concerned!), chilli apple chutney, apple and gooseberry jam (Dapper’s Nan brought a bag of gooseberries out of the freezer to be used up) and a surprisingly successful, tasty and tangy apple and cardamom jam. As I had no recipe for the latter I rather made it up as follows:

Apple and cardamom jam

Approx. 4 cooking apples, diced
3 lemons – juice and zest
1 large orange – juice and zest
1 tbsp cardamom seeds (the most time consuming element of the whole recipe!)
1kg granulated sugar

Pop all ingredients in a jam pan and stir over a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Then crank up the heat and boil rapidly for approx 5-10 mins, until setting point is reached. I use the saucer test, but you can use a jam thermometer, (or any other setting test you prefer) to check for a set. Pour into sterilised jars and leave to cool.

I have no idea how well it keeps, and frankly doubt I’ll need to, as Dapper has already started spreading it thickly onto buttery toast and proclaiming, “We’ll keep a jar or two of this one for ourselves, yes?”

I think that constitutes a success!


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