Medieval musings

Last Saturday, Dapper and I met up with some friends at Ludlow Medieval Christmas market. It was a huge event – parking was almost impossible to come by, with even the park & ride full to capacity – and I overheard one disgruntled gentleman say to his wife, “Well done, dear, you’ve managed to find somewhere to visit even busier than central Birmingham on a Saturday!”

We spent a leisurely afternoon perusing the stalls, the Oxfam book shop and the farmer’s market. I had hoped to find some mead (surely a must for a medieval market?) and did eventually succeed, though it must be said, the majority of stalls were selling mulled wine rather than mead this year. To be honest, I was a teensy bit disappointed – yes, most of the stallholders were dressed up to the nines, but so little produce was even close to being medieval. I saw very little in the way of traditional food or drink (I had hoped for some good old-fashioned pies for the freezer) and was frankly confuzzled by some of the goods on sale – medieval passport holders? Ye olde plastic pockey money toys? Hmmmm.

Thankfully, the company made the trip worthwhile (and the scenery isn’t bad either – Ludlow is delightful!) and before we knew it we were rushing home, changing, and running back out of the door to go to our Scottish Country Dancing 40th anniversary dinner dance. This was a fabulous event, and although it took Dapper and I until the interval to actually engage our brains, the second half passed in a whirligig of jigs and reels and pleasure. I have only managed to attend three dance lessons since term ended last May, so was not as good as I should have been – but still managed to pull together something resembling “steps” for most of the latter dances… And we ended, as always, with Mairi’s Wedding, which is just so delightful to perform. I would recommend Scottish Country Dancing to anyone who enjoys a good giggle – it is an energetic reel-about and an outlet for pure joy!


2 thoughts on “Medieval musings

  1. That sounds like so much fun! =D The only time I ever persuaded Mr. CP to dance was at his brother’s wedding, and that only because his brother had gifted him with a flask of nice Scotch to loosen him up a bit. πŸ˜‰

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