Soup dragon

I’ve been making and eating a lot of soup lately. It’s a great way to use up leftovers, a cheat’s way to get more veg into the diet, and an ideal way to warm up again after a morning sat stationary in front of my computer!

Parsnip and turmeric soup – fantastic with a few dried chillis if you’re that way inclined

Most of my soups are made very simply: fry a finely diced onion in butter with a sprinkling of dried herbs, add some garlic, add chopped vegetables of your choice, add stock. Boil, blend, season and serve. Sometimes I add a spot of milk or extra veg stock to achieve the right texture (I’m not keen of soup that more closely resembles baby food!) and I change the seasonings and spices to suit the flavours. Wholegrain mustard and turmeric are store-cupboard essentials where soup is concerned.

Leftover cauliflower cheese and potato soup:
Fry onions, add diced potato and cover with veg stock. Boil until potatoes are barely holding together, then add leftover cauliflower cheese and wholegrain mustard (assuming you haven’t put wholegrain mustard in your caluiflower cheese – which I always do!). Blend and serve with crusty, buttery bread, garnished with cheddar cubes.

I’m always on the lookout for new soup recipes at this time of year – in fact, soup lunches may well be one of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter days! I think my favourite is ham hock broth, but that’s so far from a quick whip-up lunch, is kinda falls into a different category altogether…

What’s your soup flavour of choice – do you have a favourite recipe? And if so, would you like to share??


13 thoughts on “Soup dragon

  1. My dad makes Spinach and Lentil soup that’s awesome, thought last time I made it it was very thick. Basically consists of (and I don’t think he uses specific amounts) lots of green lentils, big handfuls of spinach, fried onion, garlic, black pepper, stock and cream, served with spicy fried bread croutons (paprika, curry powder, salt and pepper) and a drizzle of cream to make it look pretty. Goes really well with toasted pine nuts too πŸ™‚

  2. I almost always have the ingredients for pantry cupboard French Onion soup: onions, stock cubes, dried herbs (thyme especially), cheese (I’m not fussy here) and usually some frozen ends of bread loaves to make croutons (after it’s defrosted I butter both sides of the slices and bake in the oven). To add some depth I usually add Worcestershire sauce, but I’ve also used a smokey plum chutney and dry sherry too.

  3. I’ve been making soup lately, mainly because it’s so cheap! My current favourite is lentil and bacon – 200g red lentils, tin of chopped tomatoes, 2 carrots, 6 rashers of bacon, 1 onion and stock. Little blitz with a blender – et voila. It’s the perfect winter soup!

  4. I love soups too, but last night I made a pea and ham soup that wasn’t very nice. My staple soup is carrot and coriander, but I do allsorts. I’ll swap you a gorgeous Moroccan chicken soup recipe for the ham hock broth recipe? X

  5. Sweet potato, butternut squash and cumin soup, sprinkled with fresh coriander to finish it off. And a trick to make a normal tomato soup festive, simply add cinnamon
    πŸ™‚ love you x x x

  6. My soup making method is pretty much the same as yours but I bung a couple of spoons of low fat creme fraiche in all mine to make them a bit more creamy but without the calories of cream.

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