A visit to the Drs

The week before Christmas I finally saw my GP about the cough I’ve had since September. They’re none-the-wiser as to what it could be as yet, but there’s a suspicion that I might have adult onset asthma. I’m currently using a peak flow monitor to keep tabs on my lung capacity with a view to working it out…

Still, a trip anywhere – even to the Drs, is a chance to dress up these days! So, here I am, ready to visit the doctor’s surgery, and give the sickly folks the shock of their lives…

I have often said I would rather be overdressed than underdressed, whatever the occasion!


6 thoughts on “A visit to the Drs

  1. lovely coat and hat 😀
    Q: see that you find most of your thrifts in charity shops. My local charity shops are awful, expensive and have mainly primark and the last season’s clothes. I have found the vast majority of my finds from carboot sales and ebay. Any tips and tricks?
    What is the typical amount you spend on a dress from a charity shop?
    I’ve been loathe to buy things since Mary Portas started her campaign, I know its good for my soul but when the item is more expensive than originally I have to wonder.

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, a lot of charity shops do tend to go that way these days – the trick is to find the right kind of “area” for the kind of clothes/budget you’re looking for. I wrote a post on this last year:


      I VERY rarely spend more than £8 on a charity shop dress – it has to be pretty special if I do. The blue one in my new years post was £6.99, for example, and that is pretty typical. I did, however, see a velvet beaded evening dress with tags still on in a shop before Christmas which I walked away from because it was £15 – and I have been kicking myself ever since. It was so very “Downton Abbey”!

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