New year

We spent a glorious new year’s eve in alone this year, curled on the sofa in new Christmas PJs with a pot of tea, watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand. After the excesses of the festive season, it was lovely to just relax and spend some time in one another’s company, something which sometimes gets overlooked with the expectations of the sociable Christmas whirl. That said, we didn’t want to turn into total hermits, so new year’s day was spent with our friends, Marios and Aysu, and their little girl, Angelica.

Dress: vintage via charity shop; cardi: Coast; shoes: Bertie; belt: Peacocks

This gave me an opportunity to really dress up – it felt like an age since I’d been anywhere that didn’t involve dog-walking and the associated clothing, and I grabbed at the chance with both hands. I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the boning on my dress dug in a little after our delicious dinner – but in fairness, I had eaten A LOT of Aysu’s spanakopita (I think??), Marios’s fusion stew and new year’s almond cake with vanilla ice-cream, so I can’t really complain…


12 thoughts on “New year

  1. You look great, as always! Your hair is getting so long. Gorgeous! I’ve neglected getting mine cut for quite some time, so now it is just past my bra strap. I’m glad you are well. Happy new year!

    • Hey Corey – great to hear from you! 🙂 My hair desperately needs about 3 inches taking off – it has started gettig caught in my belts! I do love it long though. Happy new year – hope you and yours are all well too! Cx

    • Thank you darling! I’ve started making notes of potential dressing up opportunities, days, even weeks before they roll around – simply because I love the chance to wear some of my fancier items! 🙂

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