January sales shopping

A trip to the shops: dress: Get Cutie; petticoat: Christmas gift; shoes: Miss Sixty; cami: M&S; umberella: Matalan.

We didn’t do a whole lot of January sales shopping this year – what with having a pretty full house already, there wasn’t much we were left to want or need! But I did insist upon my annual underwear replenishment shop, courtesy of the M&S sale.

I guess I am now a pretty typical size of underwear, as I found it nigh impossible to find what I wanted in a size that would fit me. Bras, which I usually struggle to find in the sale in my size, were plentiful this year, but knickers… not so much. Still, I got enough to be able to throw out some of my more worn-out pieces, which will tide me over until the summer sales trip around…


6 thoughts on “January sales shopping

    • Thanks hon! I have rather a weakness for cute and frilly umbrellas – so much so that last summer I took to carrying parasols on sunny days as well as brollies on rainy ones! 🙂

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