The once weekly grind

Dress: Dotty P’s via the lovely Carys; tights: House of Fraser; shoes: M&S via Dapper

After a couple of weeks away from the office, my first Wednesday back hit with a shockingly dark and windy vengeance, and a journey that felt like it lasted far longer than the two hours it actually took. I suppose I become numb to the commute when I’m doing it regularly – it takes a break fro me to remember what a drag it truly is!

Having had leaks overnight in the extension, we couldn’t put on the lights for my early morning outfit shots, and sadly you can’t see the stunning shoes Dapper bought me in the M&S sale. I had seen them previously whilst shopping with my Mum, and fallen for them. They have that wonderful M&S concealed platform and padded sole combination which makes apparently high heels a dream to walk in. The wide fit also means I can take a smaller shoe size than usual, but there is no pinching around the toes. I was overjoyed to be presented with these over yule!


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