You know those moments…

…when you spot something so completely unlike anything you currently own or would ever expect to choose, and somehow fall instantaneously in love? When a whole future unfolds before your eyes in which you see yourself and your “unexpected” frolicking through fields together, complimenting one another so perfectly…

Back in a Sash top, $44.99, Modcloth

This is one of those unlikely moments. I think I have been reading too many Edwardian novels and watching too much Downton Abbey, for I am suddenly enamoured of this blouse. I think it’s the longer, almost tunic length that has me drooling. But I can suddenly see its potential with so much of my wardrobe…

Now to scour the UK high street for something similar…


8 thoughts on “You know those moments…

  1. Lol! That happened to me the other day with a pair of boots. Am going to have to buy an entire new outfit to go with them, but I can see it in my head already! Hello by the way πŸ™‚ haven’t said hello before, but I love your blog. Came across it the other day when I was googling a coat that I bought! xx

      • Hi C πŸ™‚ the coat is the Reah coat from Coast – the kind of merlot coloured one that goes into a point at the waist at the back. It’s great! I’d had the same old, cheap red coat for about three years and was feeling a bit sad when out and about as it was very tired – I now have a real spring in my step in the mornings and I attribute that totally to the coat!! Can’t work out what colour gloves etc go though. Maybe black?

        Can’t find a pic of the boots, will have to take one!


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