One of the lovely things about a new home is the opportunity to craft with impunity to make sure you get the finished look just right. Our wee hoose is gradually filling up with homemade goodies that give it that homely, lived-in feel that we both favour. Here are just a few of the odds and ends I’ve been making to turn the wee hoose into our home.

Trivets, mats and coasters, damask napkins, button wreaths…

Covers and cushions for seats – to keep the white cushions white for longer!

Tabletop saver – to alleviate the worry of cup rings in the wood

Draft excluder for the balcony doors – the wind whistles around your feet otherwise!

I also thought you might enjoy a quick peek at some of the details of the decor.We’ve gone for a warm, cosy, somewhat cluttered feel, with LOTS of books!

My beloved rocking chair and the hatstand we picked up at an antiques shop in Penkridge last summer, our Singer sewing machines and my Granny’s sewing box on display in the extension, books, and  some of the greenery Dapper used to decorate the hoose for yule. 

More books. One of the four Ikea bookcases full of books that line the walls!


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