Pretty dresses

Ahhh, awards season. I know I’m late to the party, probably unfashionably so by now, but I still like to have my two-penneth post. And I kind of wanted to know, what did you think of the frocks this year?

Because I was disappointed. I flicked through all those red carpet shots on Vogue and saw just three that drew my attention. When I look at a red carpet outfit I look at the lot – the dress, the hair, the accessories – and only three women seemed to me to have pulled the whole thing off with breathtaking aplomb.

So. Angelina Jolie. Gotta admit, I’m not usually a fan – she’s not remotely my type, being too angular, too pointy, too severe: I prefer my women softer and more voluptuous, but that’s just a personal thing. Didn’t stop me being blown away by how utterly beautiful she looked on Sunday, though – from head to toe stunning, and in a refreshingly simple dress amongst a sea of ruffled skirts…

What was it with the ruffled skirts? Dianna Agron’s laser-cut masterpiece was perfect for her colouring, fabulously styled with simple clean hair and matching lips, and from the waist upwards frankly astonishing. But those ruffles just couldn’t be kept at bay! Thankfully, relatively low key comapred to a lot of the frocks this year, and therefore not ruffly enough to drown her pure radiance. Undeniably gorgeous!

And my third and final stunner, the astonishingly sexy Helen Mirren. If I look even half as good as she does at 66 I’ll be delighted. And it’s not just that fabulous figure – she positively oozes beauty and class. Enough so, once again, to make up for the darned ruffles!

And I don’t have a picture here, but did anyone else think Seth Rogen has scored well beyond his league with his absolute stunner of a wife? Not many women can pull of canary yellow with such aplomb, but she looked akin to Snow White on her way to a fairytale ball! Lovely, just lovely!

To close, a little treat for the ladies in the shape of Gerard Butler. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Pretty dresses

  1. I LOVE Helen Miren. She is so sexy, so sophisticated and classy. It boggles the mind. Every time I see her, I’m just floored. I want to look like her at 66. Fingers crossed.

    Oh, Gerard Butler. How handsome you are. I may have found my Prince Charming, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate your raw, masculine beauty.

  2. I also thought Charlize Theron looked DIVINE in her Dior Couture. I agree with you about Angelina – she is very pointy but that dress was a knockout.

    • I wasn’t keen on Charlize’s dress – too much pouf going on for me, plus I like dresses to be long or short, not both! But I must confess, I’m not a Charlize fan. That ad with Grace Kelly, Marilyn, etc always makes me feel a bit sad that she doesn’t live up to their beauty. And she’s too bronzed. She’s just not my type, I guess! πŸ˜€ xx

  3. Helen Mirren’s was genuinely the only dress I liked and went, “Ooooh!” over. With good reason – that midnight blue is a knockout! Not a fan of Angeline (generally) and I didn’t like the colour of the dress (not a fan of nude/white/cream with evening gowns, it’s just too bridal) and the only other ones I liked a little bit were on Reese Witherspoon and Claire Danes.

    Now, if we were doing dresses we *didn’t* like….

    • I usually agree with you for nude/white/cream gowns, but the red on this made it much more acceptable to me. I can’t recall what Reese or Claire wore – which does mean they didn’t stand out to me, I guess, but also means they weren’t crimes worthy of remembering!! πŸ™‚

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