What I Wore (last) Wednesday

Skirt: vinatge via charity shop; Petticoat: House of Olivier; vest: Primark; cardi: Dotty P’s; shoes: Bertie; coat & hat: charity shop; gloves: inherited from my Granny

Dapper says this coat ages me, but it’s warm, and when it comes to standing on platforms in draughty stations I frankly couldn’t care less about how aged I look!

Last week, the deciding factor in my outfit choice was an outing for my red petticoat. I knew the girls at work would appreciate it, and for this reason it was important that I should not deny her the chance to really shine. I tried on lots of outfits, trying to find something office appropriate that would show her off…

The problems I faced were twofold. She does make a lot of my dresses look like party dresses, of course. But also, I have put on enough weight now that many of my favourite clothes don’t actually fit any longer.

By lunchtime, I was uncomfortable enough in this outfit to have made a deliberate decision to begin a dietary reset come February. I decided “come February” as until then we have far too many birthday meals out and nights away to make a decent detox possible…


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