A little bit 30s

Ignore the silly look on the model’s face, and the silly stance that is completely failing to show off the dress to its best advantage…

Don’t you think this is beautiful? In an “ooooh – look at the buttons”, slightly 30s way? I love the fluttery butterfly sleeve details, the sweetheart neckline, and above all the decent length of the thing!

If you love it, you can grab one from ASOS for £55. But don’t tell me – I’ll only get jealous…


9 thoughts on “A little bit 30s

  1. I stay out of any size debate but I would love to see this dress on a slightly bigger model. I can’t get from how it looks on her very slender frame to how it would look on me

  2. I’m all for people being the size they should be etc etc, but the waist on that model is a little alarming. She actually looks like she’s been stretched in post production to be honest, which wouldn’t be her fault really.

    GORGEOUS dress though.

  3. That dress is absolutely beautiful! The models on ASOS have a tendency to adopt ridiculous facial expressions and poses. The plus-size models, on the other hand, generally look far happier and more natural. It’s very strange.

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