Purple haze

Y’all know I love all things purple and berry toned. Y’all also know I love a good boot. Y’all may or not know about my love for all things frogged and tassled. Well, maybe not all things… But certainly, some. Certainly these:

Lamont boots by LK Bennett: £315 £189 from Sarenza

I rarely think to look at LK Bennett for shoes or boots. Largely, I confess, because I simply don’t have the funds to purchase them – in fact, the one pair of LK Bennett shoes I did splash out on for a wedding nearly crippled me, both physically and financially (very high heels for a ceilidh is simply stoopid!). Still, a quick browse of Sarenza last week set these beauties firmly in my mind, and now they’re squatting there. I just can’t get shift the blighters!

If you love them, and have the finances and ankle muscles to support them, you can pick them up at the reduced price of £189 from the Sarenza website. If you love me, and have a couple of hundred pounds lying around spare, you can pick me up a pair while you’re at it! 🙂


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