Another excuse…

Dress & cardi: Dotty P’s; necklace: Tophop; tights: House of Fraser; shoes: M&S; coat: Dotty P’s, altered by me; hat: M&S; handbag: gift

To dress up! Our friends Yvonne & Nick invited us to join them for Yvonne’s birthday on the 14th. Despite being quite a dressed-down venue, I naturally took the opportunity to wear one of my winter velvet dresses – this one with an empire line to accommodate the all-you-can-eat buffet! I had tested the outfit at the all-you-can-eat Thai restaurant we visited to celebrate Nat & Steve’s engagement a week previously, so knew how effective a solution it would be! πŸ™‚

Also, another opportunity to wear the beautiful shoes Dapper bought me for Yule. I’m aware you STILL haven’t had a really good look at these beauties, but fret not: there are two posts already scheduled for this week whose outfits are pretty much designed around the shoes! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post…


4 thoughts on “Another excuse…

  1. I really like the rich colour of your tights against the texture of the velvet. I too like to add texture and dimension to outfits with colour and fabric.

    I also need no excuse to dress up; I have so many wonderful items of clothing and accessories it’s a shame to not wear then.

    • Exactly Sharnek – it’s always a shame when beautiful clothes don’t get an opportunity to shine! πŸ™‚

      I must get a better pic of the soes with the tights – the colours match so well, and the combination of velvet, opaque and patent just works a treat!

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