What I wore last…

Dress: Dotty P’s; shrug: George; skirt: Tesco; tights and shoes: as yesterday!

…Wednesday. Because I knew I’d be staying over Tuesday night, in the office TWO days last week, not one, I needed a second outfit that put to good use at least some elements of the first. I chose to show off the shoes and tights for a second day running, highlighting, this time, with my berry-toned mini-dress, made office-friendly through the careful application of layers! I love finding new ways to wear old favourites…

As is becoming a habit, I had a thoroughly enjoyable night staying over with Charlie and Holly, joined for a delicious dinner by Alice and Bev. After we had consumed some wonderful spinach and watercress soup, a fabulous winter salad and a whole wedge of stilton, Charlie taught Bev and I how to knit, whilst Alice and Holly carried on with existing knitting projects, and we munched most of the way through Holly’s amazing chocolate cake. We were in bed by eleven, feeling full and satisfied, safe in the knowledge we had put the world to rights. It’s good for me to get in a night with the girls from work occasionally, particularly now that I only see them one day a week. And it gives Dapper a night to himself, of course – the poor man deserves a break once in a while! 🙂


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